Indian Marbles : Redefining Luxury

T imeless and Textured, Indian Marbles are the timeless form of beauty that are redefining luxury across the globe. From carving sculptures to making spectacular homes. Marbles are just the blank canvas you need to create beauty at your disposal. 

In geological terms, Marbles are a metamorphosed limestone. It is a metamorphic rock composed of recrystallized carbonate minerals. In commercial terms, Marbles includes all decorative calcium-rich rocks that can be polished. Marbles are found in quarries from where it is transported to a factory to create products like slabs, mosaics, tiles, etc. The earthy look and environment friendliness of the Indian Marbles makes it the perfect fit for indoor and outdoor spaces. The most popular colours of Indian Marbles include Black Marbles and White Marbles.

Black Stones….

As black as the night, the Black Marbles are the stones whose depth radiates royalty. This natural stone encompasses a delicate arrangement in its appearance which resonates with the earth’s fault lines. The Black Marbles are the true embodiment of strength that radiates through its beauty..

“If time were a colour, I bet it would be a tasteful off-white..”

The timeless classic White Marbles are one of the widely used stones. The colour and feel of the White Marbles is subtle yet elegant in its own way. The daunting and durable White Marbles are the most obvious choice when it comes to construction in India and across the globe.

For centuries at a stretch, the Indian Marbles have been stealing the hearts of the beholders with its effortless beauty and glory.The grandiosity of Indian Architecture stands on the foundation of these timeless stones. From texture to strength and to durability, the Indian Marbles have it all. Along with its resilient physical qualities, the Indian Marbles age like fine wine. With the passage of time, the Indian Marbles develop its own rustic charm. The Taj Mahal in Agra is the perfect example of the timeless beauty, Indian Marbles bring to the table. All of this combined together stands proof to the fact that Indian marbles will always be a winner in the race of the best natural stone products.

When you want the best, you go to the best and the best in the circle of Indian Marble Manufacturers is ‘The Stone India’. The Stone India is one of the leading Marble Manufacturers in India and is a global trendsetter in the world of Natural Stone. The Stone India aims to achieve excellence by elegance. Established on the pillars of traditional craftsmanship, The Stone India believes in delivering luxurious comfort. The journey of “The Stone India” began in the largest Marble market of Asia i.e., Kishangarh. The Marble city of India houses the largest Marble Mandi (Market) in the world and “The Stone India” is a significant part of it.

The Stone India was built on the dream of exporting our timeless natural stones across the globe and establishing a global dominance of Indian Marbles from Kishangarh..


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